Achievements 2018

AchievementsPBs, inaugural races and generally exceeding expectations

31 December 2018

New Years Eve 10K PBs for Meg (50.00), Jon (52.01), Carol in (53.30), Darren (1.00.18), Nikkita & Annika (1.03.34) and Nona (1.15.28). In addition we had Cathy and Jo enter their first ever 10k achieving finishing times of 1.15.43 and 1.12.56 respectively. That was a good day out and a great way to end 2018!

25 December 2018

parkrun PBs for Jon (24.30). Anna-Marie (25.58), David (27.36), Andrea (29.15), Viv (30.29) & Ruth (32.21). Plus First Timer Richard goes straight to the top of our Age Grading table with a finish time of 20.13.

22 December 2018

Where to start? Our current None To Runs graduated today… Jo C (32.40), Emily (32.53), Heather (32.52), Verity (33.00), Nick (33.16), Natasha (34.45) Andrea S (36.39), Jo R (36.16), Julie (37.14), Kim (37.19), Lorraine (37.20), Caroline (37.30), Fran (37.35), Emma (38.07), Sian (38.42), Rachel (38.57), Gail (39.00), Suzanne (39.24), Calre M (40.05), Niv (40.50), Tina (44.12), Clare & Adam M (55.28). Also, PBs for Lizzie (26.45), Becky (30.45), Viv (30.55), Helen (31.18) with Heather & Tina from None To Runs getting PBs. Brilliant morning!

16 December 2018

Nadine (1.05.54) & Joe (51.08) both completed their first competative 10K. And Helen S knocked 7 minutes off her PB finishing in 1.07.18. Also getting a PB at the 10k distance was Ryan with a finish time of 41.04.

15 December 2018

parkrun PB for Meg who becomes our fastest parkrun lady with a time of 23.53.

8 December 2018

parkrun PB for Helen J (33.46) taking 6 mins off her previous time and a first PB for daughter Isabel finishing in 30.26. Well dome that household!

1 December 2018

parkrun PBs for Lizzie 28.11 (Huntingdon) & Tara 31.33 (Rutland Water).

24 November

Meg ran Peterborough parkrun on a trip home from university knocking almost 2 minutes off her previous best and finishing in an impressive 24.13.

22 November 2018

We were nominated for 2 awards in the Cambridgeshire Living Sport Awards and we came away with both of them. We were honoured to win Community Club of the Year and Community Volunteer of the Year for Nona who set up the club and gets us involved in all sorts of things!  A great night.

16 November

10K PBs for Gavin 51.24, Darren 1.02.02, Nikita 1.08.42, Annika 1.08.46 and Jean in 1.21.09 at Rutland Night Run.

4 November 

A 10K for Ken at the Leeds Abbey dash – 58.57, Ken’s first time under one hour – super congrats!

Katey completed her first Duathlon in with a 24 min 5k run, a 41min 20k Bike and a 26min 5k run to finish.

28 October

A 10K PB for Meg in Leicester with 52.00

27 October

A parkrun PB for Annika who finished in 31.09.

19 October

Another great day for parkrun PBs – Sonia grabbed a Hastings seafront PB of 27.24 and back at Peterborough, Tina (45.55) and Becky (33.14) were running their first parkrun. There were PBs for Liz (47.51), Darren (29.15), Lorna (28.18), Laura (29.36) Ken (27.20) & Ryan (18.55).

13 October

PBs galore in the Great Eastern Run which was for many of our group, their first ever Half Marathon.  Times were:

Ryan 1.28.46, Travis 1.40.00, David 1.43.04, Gavin 1.52.56, Jace 1.54.07, Jon 1.54.21, Carol 1.55.26, Meg 2.02.59, Dan 2.06.27, Laura 2.08.44, Ken 2.18.08 Amelia 2.18.59, Andrea 2.22.28, Lizzie 2.26.25, David 2.26.25, Ruth 2.34.26, Gemma 2.34.26,  Darren 2.34.40, Helen 2.56.46, Nona 2.57.06.

We also had runners in the 5K: Linda 32.33 Lee 31.18 & Keira 31.17

6 October 

Parkrun PB for Helen of 32.08.

30 September 

10k PBs for Travis 46.03, Lizzie 01.05.15.

29 September

Another parkrun PB for Ryan who came home 5th in 18.56.

22 September

A parkrun PB for Catherine who completed her 26th parkrun in 37.49 knocking over 2 mins off her PB. That was the first time Catherine has completed the course in under 40 mins – no wonder she was super happy with her result!

16 September

Kat roars home with a 10K PB of 57:03 on the hilly Cransley Hospice Road Race.  Kat had taken time out due to a broken leg and today’s time is better than her pre-broken leg 10k PB. Well done Kat!

16 September

Helen Shaw smashed her 10K PB coming home in 1.14 at Stanwick Lakes. Her previous best was 1.25 last month at St Neots. Coming home slightly ahead of Helen S was Helen J & Hilary who looked super comfortable finishing their first 10k in 1.12. Dani completed a 5K PB in 30 mins and Lavena completed her first 10k in 54.05 minutes! What a great bunch of achievements!

15 September

Ken picking up a parkrun PB of 28.07, just a week after running the Great North Run – well done!

9 September

PB for Amelia at the Leicester 10K (56.53)

2 September

2 PBs at the Bedford Half one from Ryan (1.33.26) who is making a habit of achieving PBs and one from Andrea (2.33.10). Looking good guys!

1 September

Storming home in her first ever 10k was Anna Marie who crossed the finish line in 58.20! A real super result especially since she only started our None To Run programme in April.

1 September

Well done to Lizzie for getting her 10K PB at Bedford finishing in 1.07.15. Here she is pictured with her Dad.

26 August 

Nona, Carol & Karen headed off to Bedford International Stadium to collect our award for Run Together Group of the Year – East Region.

25 August 

Consecutive PBs for David at 27.45 & Andrea on 29.28 – that is amazing considering David was running his 134th park run and Andrea her 86th.

Also PBing was Travis who was paced by brother Ryan to a PB of 20.22. Top work.

18 August

A parkrun PB for Helen in 36.38 – congrats! And Andrea in 29.30 and David in 27.49 – well done all.

11 August

Parkrun PBs for 4 of our runners, Ryan in 19.19, Meg in 26.04, David in 27.49 on his 133rd park run and Andrea in 29.30 on her 85th parkrun. Brilliant stuff!

5 August 

Helen picked up her second 10k race finishers medal but this time completing the entire course without stopping to walk. An amazing achievement after only starting our None To Run programme in January.

4 August

As always, we had number of parkrunners out today most notably, Lavena who completed her first ever parkrun after starting the None To Run in April. Nib paced her home to an impressive inaugural time of 26.07. Very well done Lavena! You have earnt that graduation medal!

28 July 

Debra finally got to do her graduation parkrun after completing the None To Run programme, finishing in an impressive 34.51. Well done Debra!

15 July

7 ladies completed the Milton Keynes Women’s Running 10K and 1 completed the 5k. It was super hot but Karen, Angela & Helen all completed their first ever competitive 10K – congratulations!

14 July

A parkrun PB for Catherine 40.07 (PB!). Well done, sub 40 next time!

7 July 2018

Some of our latest group of None To Run Graduates completed their first parkrun. Times ranged from 29 mins to 50 mins – very proud of them all.

1 July 2018

Graham Water was the venue for Carol & Karen’s first ever 10k run. Both ladies, one of whom is now of retirement age, started on the None To Run programme back in October 2017. Back then they were running 30 second segments. Today they ran for just over an hour and a half and completed just over 10k with no walking! Amazing achievement and they are now set up to enter their first 10K race in Milton Keynes on 15 July.

17 June 2018

We made our first team entries in the 50 mile Green Wheel Relay. We had mixed ability teams with Daughter Keira going up against Dad Lee on a Fathers Day head to head. Team Keira were victorius!

10 June 2018

Tara & Nona were at Stanwick Lakes where both were within 1 minute of their PBs for 5 & 10k respectively.

Stanwick Lakes 10k, 5k

9 June 2018

Ryan got yet another parkrun PB with a time of 19.29 pushing his age grading up to an impressive 66.21%.

And Sarah picked up 9 wristbands for covering 45k in 8 hours at Runstock’s multiple 5k event.


2 June 2018

We had 25 runners at Peterborough parkrun with 5 PBs and 6 First Timers. Travis equalled his 21.12 PB, Amelia got 28.38, Viv 32.16, Angela 39.27 and Jo A ran home in a PB of 39.57. Our parkrun First Timers were Katey with an impressive 26.15, Nikkita (30.51), Amanda (35.46), Alexandra (37.17), Helen (39.35) and Kate (40.58). Great job all.

27 May 2018

We had 4 parkrunners in a field of over 600 today at Peterborough parkrun. Ryan took another 14 seconds off his PB from last week and Nib (23.07), Caline (32.24) & Ken (28.49) were not far off theirs.

20 May 2018

A drum roll is required for this PB from Ryan at Peterborough parkrun…Ryan finished in 14th place out of 578 runners with a 5K PB of 19.56. Also PBing was Sarah with 32.49.

13 May 2018

21 runners ran the Eye 10K  – special shout out to Cara & Louise in their first ever race, to Daniel in his first 10k race (46.45!) and to Andrea, David, Jonathan & Gavin on their PBs.

Eye 10K,

Times range from 42.19 to 1.19.38

Ryan 42.19, Jace 48.56, Daniel 46.45, Dan 54.46, Gavin 55.41 (PB), Jonathan 55.37 (PB), Laura 56.14, Nick 57.20, David 1.00.15 (PB), Michelle 1.01.16, Linda 1.01.17, Andrea 1.01.19 (PB), Becky 1.02.48, Gemma 1.07.56, Keira Murray 1.08.14, Caline 1.08.54, Darren 1.10.18, Lee Murray 1.11.11, Cara 1.13.04, Louise 1.13.15, Nona 1.19.38

15 April 2018

15 of our runners completed the Cambourne 10k – it was very muddy so no PBs but well done all!

24 March 2018

3 PBs at Peterborough Parkrun by Keira (28.38), Lee (30.46) & Caline (31.31).

23 March 2018

Dan completed his first 10 mile run. Dan started with our None To Run group in October 2017 with 30 second run segments. Just 6 months later, he completed 10 miles after achieving a good number of 10ks. He had run before but progress had always been thwarted by injury but by following the None To Run, Dan was able to build up slowly and avoid injury. Now look at him!

None To Run, 10 mile, learn to run

March 2018

First up, congratulations to Dan (53.46 PB), Laura (53.58 PB), Tara (1:04.59 PB) and Andrea (1:06.55) who completed the Stanwick Lakes 10k on 18 March with Kevin (37.09 PB) who completed the 5k. The weather was freezing and there was snow on the ground and so its no surprise they look super happy with their results. Great job guys!