England Athletics Volunteer Awards & Hall of Fame

England Athletics Volunteer Awards & Hall of Fame

We are very proud of the work undertaken by our Mental Health Champions and we were lucky enough to be given 2 tickets for the EA Volunteer Awards & Half of Fame in recognition of that they do. Of course last year we were nominees in the Run Together Group of the Year but this year, there was no such pressure and Nona & Alex (Mental Health Ambassador) went up to Birmingham purely to enjoy the evening.

They met some wonderful volunteers and sporting heroes and generally had a fabulous time listening to all the amazing stories of what people are doing and have achieved in athletics.

A highlight of the night had to be meeting Christine Ohuruogo who was there to be inducted into the EA Hall of Fame. What an achiever and what a lovely lady.

It was a great night but did mean not getting home until 2.30 in the morning which perhaps wasn’t the best preparation for the Great Eastern Run. However, as that was cancelled, alls well that ends well!


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