Club Member of the Month – September

Club Member of the Month – September

This month’s award went to Verity who joined us as a None To Runner in 2018. She finished that course with a 5k parkrun and went on to work up to 10K. Unfortunately, she picked up an injury which meant she wasn’t able to finish the 5 – 10k programme. However, not to be deterred, when she was able to start running again, she helped lead the new group of None To Runners as that would mean she wouldn’t push herself too hard, too soon.

It turns out Verity was a natural and super enthusiastic leader and so we asked her if she wanted to go on a Leadership in Running Fitness Course. She did and is now one of most regular Leaders out on run sessions every week and is currently training for her first Half Marathon. As she trains, she is leading our mid group of half marathoners, many of which were her team members from her own beginners group and so she is back with those she had to leave through injury.

Her “BOOMS!” are now legendary within the club and she bring oodles of energy and positivity and so is a thoroughly deserving winner! Here she is being presented with the cup by fellow first time Half Marathoner, Kim.


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