Stanwick Lakes 10K

Stanwick Lakes 10K

This week saw some of the group who started our beginners programme last September, take part in their first 10K race alongside some of our race regulars.

Kim, Caroline, Mark, Jo, Lorraine & Dani were all 10K First Timers who enjoyed their trip to Stanwick with Jon, Ken, Jean, Meg, Kat (5kPB), Elaine (PB), Catherine (PB), Nikkita (PB), Annika, Helen & Dani (PB). It was still a bit windy but otherwise a lovely bright Spring day for a run.

First Time 10K times: Jo (1.06.29), Kim (1.14.37), Caroline (1.14.38), Mark (1.14.37), Lorraine (1.13.07) & Dani (1.00.50). And PBs for Elaine (1.13.20), Cathy (1.13.21), & Nikkita (1.00.52) with a 5K PB for Kat (26.37) and Jean (38.51).

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