Another weekend with a PB

Another weekend with a PB

It was a PB for Meg who was home for the weekend from uni and running at Peterborough parkrun. Meg knocked almost 2 minutes off her previous best and finished in an impressive 24.13. Ryan was also at parkrun finishing in 18th position in 19.02.

On Sunday we had runners over at the Breckland Forrest 10k.  Lizzie, Andrea and Tara got their trail shoes on and had an amazing run through the forrest in bright sunshine.

Back at the ranch, our latest None To Run cohort started week 9 which saw them jump from 2 min run segments to 5 mins. Despite their fears, every single runner achieved all the 5 minutes segments with some running 10 mins for their 4th segment. Those 8 foundation weeks really paid off and they are now well on their way to their graduation parkrun on 22 December.

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