Sawtry Walk To Run

Sawtry Walk To Run

Sawtry Walk To Run is a Run Together group set up in October 2017 by Group Leader Nona. Nona completed her Leadership In Running Fitness qualification with England Athletics and wanted to set up a beginners group to help get people fitter and healthier. Originally aimed at those who thought they couldn’t run, the group now attracts a wide range of runners who meet three times a week every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Initially joined by Becky who leads the 10k Plus group, Kevin joined the leadership team after completing both the initial beginners programme and his own Leadership qualification. The group is run on an entirely voluntary basis and is lucky enough to have a number of people who are more than happy to help out with the sessions. It couldn’t run without the additional help from Sue and Tara who work with the groups every single week or any of the other helpers who pitch in and step up when required.

If you want to to run but think you can’t, you are as welcome to join us as those who have been running for many years. There is a place for all abilities, no matter what your starting point.

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