This is where we pay homage to those in our group who make a PB or a club record or who simply achieve beyond their own expectations.


13 May 2018

21 runners ran the Eye 10K  – special shout out to Cara & Louise in their first ever race, to Daniel in his first 10k race (46.45!) and to Andrea, David, Jonathan & Gavin on their PBs.

Eye 10K,

Times range from 42.19 to 1.19.38

Ryan 42.19, Jace 48.56, Daniel 46.45, Dan 54.46, Gavin 55.41 (PB), Jonathan 55.37 (PB), Laura 56.14, Nick 57.20, David 1.00.15 (PB), Michelle 1.01.16, Linda 1.01.17, Andrea 1.01.19 (PB), Becky 1.02.48, Gemma 1.07.56, Kiera Murray 1.08.14, Caline 1.08.54, Darren 1.10.18, Lee Murray 1.11.11, Cara 1.13.04, Louise 1.13.15, Nona 1.19.38

15 April 2018

15 of our runners completed the Cambourne 10k – it was very muddy so no PBs but well done all!

24 March 2018

3 PBs at Peterborough Parkrun by Kiera (28.38), Lee (30.46) & Caline (31.31).

23 March 2018

Dan completed his first 10 mile run. Dan started with our None To Run group in October 2017 with 30 second run segments. Just 6 months later, he completed 10 miles after achieving a good number of 10ks. He had run before but progress had always been thwarted by injury but by following the None To Run, Dan was able to build up slowly and avoid injury. Now look at him!

None To Run, 10 mile, learn to run

March 2018

First up, congratulations to Dan (53.46 PB), Laura (53.58 PB), Tara (1:04.59 PB) and Andrea (1:06.55) who completed the Stanwick Lakes 10k on 18 March with Kevin (37.09 PB) who completed the 5k. The weather was freezing and there was snow on the ground and so its no surprise they look super happy with their results. Great job guys!