As of June 2018, Sawtry Walk To Run became a fully affiliated England Athletics Running Club.

We started out as a super friendly Run Together group set up in October 2017 by Group Leader Nona who completed her Leadership In Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification with England Athletics. As someone who had never run since leaving school, Nona used running to help her lose 5 stone. She always thought running was not for her but actually she found out running is for everyone and this was her motivation to set up a beginners group to help get people fitter and healthier – physically and mentally. Originally aimed at those who thought they couldn’t run, the group now attracts a wide range of runners who meet three times a week every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Nona enlisted the help of Becky, who is now a qualified Personal Trainer, and she delivers strength training as well as the run training. Kevin joined the leadership team after completing both the initial beginners running programme and his own Leadership qualification and now Nib, Darren, Andrea and Jonathan have all completed their LiRF. Nib is the Club Coach and brings his many years of experience to the role and will be completing his formal coaching training later this year.

In the future, we hope to work with the local schools and run summer camps to get young people into fitness through running.

We are also now part of EA’s #RunandTalk campaign which aims to promote mental well being through running. More details on this on our #RunandTalk page.

The fee to join to the Club is £20 per year and after this, all sessions are free. For those who enjoy entering races, you can pay an additional £15 which we pass on to England Athletics so you can become an affiliated athlete giving you a range of benefits including discounted race entries.

Currently we meet at St Judiths in Sawtry:

Sundays 8.30am

Tuesdays 7.15pm

Thursday 7.15pm

If you want to run but think you can’t, you are as welcome to join us as those who have been running for many years. There is a place for all abilities, no matter what your starting point.