The Athens Marathon

The Athens Marathon

Thank you to our most travelled runner, Kat. who has written this report of the Athen Marathon 2019:

Race report for THE original marathon, Athens Authentic. Firstly look at the frightening elevation chart:


You’re climbing from pretty much right before the half until 32-33km. Even “Jeffing” at every km marker that incline killed my legs. I walked way more at the end than intended but since I made the half around 2:20ish that was fine, goal was just to finish. The race is so beloved here the km markers are permanent road signs! Runners from 120 countries. New medal this year, part of an 8 yr series commemorating marathon history–naturally first is the battle of marathon. Definitely shows I ran in Greece Route not super scenic but you finish in the original Olympic stadium. I have no idea what my official time was…maybe 5:15, 5:16? I just wanted to finish! Basic registration for EU residents €30, with shirt €45.

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