Living Sport 10K

Living Sport 10K

This weekend a whole bunch of us took part in the Living Sport 10k at Ferry Meadows.

Ferry Meadows is a lovely park to run around and it was good to venture out into parts which you don’t get to see at parkrun.

We had 3 people running 10k for the first time and 16 of us in total

Finish time were: Jon S 2(55:03), Carol A (56:00), Amiee (56:03), Anna-Marie (58:37), Jon S 1 (1:04:45), Ken (1:07:03), Nikkita (1:08:49), Catherine W (1:11:15), Yazzie (1:11:16), Caroline (1:12:30), Helen (1:12:38), Catherine B (1:13:49), Kim (1:14:28), Verity (1:14:53), Darren (1:17:26) and finally Nona (1:20:43).

Well done all!


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