Peterborough 10 Mile

Peterborough 10 Mile

Another good turn out from Sawtry Walk To Run, this time at Living Sport’s inaugural Peterborough 10 miler.

As no-one has yet run may 10 milers, this was a PB for pretty much everyone at this distance.

Jon was first to finish for Sawtry Walk To Run in 1.28.38. Not far behind him was Sarah in 1.31.42 with Lizzy 1.48.01, David 1.48.04, Gemma & Ruth 1.54.51, Darren (who stopped off for cake) 2.01.05, Helen & Andrea at 2.07.52.

Well done the above, all ably cheered on by Nona, Kevin & Travis who were out marshalling on the course.


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