Perkins Great Eastern Run

Perkins Great Eastern Run

The one word to sum up everyone’s day at the Peterborough Half Marathon was probably…wet!

Boy did it rain. It rained while we were waiting to get started, it rained all the way round and it carried on raining after – resulting in a trip to the St John’s tent for a touch of hyperthermia for Nib who had over an hour to wait after his finish before his wife crossed the line as the final Sawtry Walk To Runner home.

Despite the rain, it was a brilliant event and everyone did super well.   We had three entrants in the Anna’s Hope Fun Run and over 20 runners in the Half with times ranging from 1.28 to 2.57.

If you were in any doubt as to how wet it was, our photo of Laura (and yes that is a shower cap) who finished in 2.08.44.

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