Our 1st Birthday

Our 1st Birthday

It is hard to believe that our first run ever was less than a year ago on 22 October 2017. Nona had put a post on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in joining her either to learn to run or to help with organising some runs. Although her post was aimed at complete beginners, there were a few regular runners who made contact.

Sensing that her idea may have, quite literally, more legs than anticipated, Nona asked Becky, Tara and Heather to meet up to discuss a way forward. This resulted in Heather, a qualified PT, designing our warm up and cool down sessions and Nona leading a None To Run group and Becky running a C25K group with Tara supporting both groups as needed.

Given that well lit outdoor spaces in Sawtry were hard to come by, about 20 of us met outside of One Leisure for our first session. Fast forward less than a year later and we regularly have around 80 runners on any one session. After being moved on from One Leisure, our new winter evening meet up place is The Greystones car park.

In this year, we grew so big we decided to apply, and were subsequently accepted, for Club status (with a strong committee of 13 – Nona Chair, Jon Vice Chair, Ken Treasurer & Person in Charge of Officials , Becky Membership Secretary, Tara Club Secretary, Andrea Social Secretary, Nib Lead Coach, Dan Social Media & Male Safeguarding, Carol Female Safeguarding, Gemma Inclusion Officer, Kevin First Aid Trainer and Club Captains Sue & Darren).

We now run the Run Together Group for beginners alongside the Club set up. We won a national competition to be featured on two massive billboards at the London Marathon, we held our first #runandtalk event raising £276 for Mind, raised £40 for local charity Caresco by raffling our London Marathon place, made a successful bid for a £500 grant from Mick George for some outdoor training equipment and a £200 grant from Living Sport to help towards training leaders, put an additional 5 people (Kevin, Andrea, Nib, Darren & Jonathan) through the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification and started one of those (Nib) on their journey to qualify as a Coach in Running Fitness. We have seen three people attend safeguarding courses run by Hunts Forum (Carol, Nib & Andrea), gained a qualified Guide Runner (Gemma) so we can offer sessions for visually impaired runners and have no less than three Mental Health Champions (Jon, Alex & Gemma), one of which (Alex) was accepted as only 1 of 11 Mental Health Ambassadors in the country.

We made our first appearance in The Green Wheel Relay, achieved numerous PBs at 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distance, saw our runners lose weight, reduce medication for both physical and mental health issues, undertook our first parkrun takeover, saw over 100 people through 4 beginners programmes (we are now on our 5th) and won Eastern Region Run Together Group of the Year!  Phew, its been a busy one and we deserved our party which we held a couple of weeks early to coincide with our Half Marathon successes!

Happy Birthday us!





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