25 of us at Peterborough parkrun

25 of us at Peterborough parkrun

I’m not quite sure where the others were when we took this photo but this is us at another successful Peterborough parkrun.

Nona tailed for the team and the times ranged from 19.58 to 43.12. We really do cater for all abilities and this parkrun was a good example of that. Among our 25, we had 5 PBs and 6 First Timers.

Ryan 19.58, Travis 21.12 matched his PB!, Chris 25.39, Katey 26.15 First Timer, Nib 26.17 (pacing Katie), Daniel 28.38 (returning from holiday and pacing Amelia to a PB), Amelia 28.38 PB!, Ken 29.15, Andrea 30.09, Michelle 30.43, Jon (pacing Michelle) 30.44, Nikkita 30.51 First Timer, Viv 32.16 PB!, Amanda 35.46 First Timer, Alexandra  37.17 First Timer, Kevin 38.01, Angela 39.27 PB!, Jean 39.34, Helen 39.35 First Timer, Karen 39.46, Jo A 39.57 PB!, Kate 40.58 First Timer, Jo B 42.47, Carol 43.12, Nona 43.12

Well done all, especially those who were doing a practice run for the Green Wheel Relay the following day.




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